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The Advantages of Steel Framing for Tiny Homes on Wheels

Tiny homes have gained popularity in recent years, offering a minimalist and sustainable living solution that can be tailored to your lifestyle. In this article, we will explore the benefits of using steel framing for tiny house construction over other conventional framing methods. From structural integrity and weight-bearing capacity to design flexibility and ease of travel, let's dive into why Volstrukt steel framing is the top choice for creating durable, functional, and customizable tiny homes.


Superior Structural Integrity

One of the most significant advantages of steel frame construction for a tiny home on wheels is its structural integrity. Unlike traditional timber framing, steel frames provide exceptional strength and durability for the entire structure without adding extra weight. Steel can also handle seismic activity far better than conventional timber framing, providing a safer structure that can securely be towed down the road. There's a reason why our trains, planes, and automobiles are no longer built using wood!

Greater Material Longevity 

Steel is inherently resistant to rot, pests, and moisture, eliminating concerns commonly associated with timber frames in tiny homes. Our steel is galvanized which means it will never rust if exposed to the elements. This structural integrity offers peace of mind and long-lasting stability, ensuring that your tiny home remains safe and structurally sound for years to come. In other words, you could replace the exterior siding 30 years down the road, and the frame will retain the same dimensions and structural capacity as the day it was produced. This also means the equity you put into your tiny home build will retain it's value should you eventually choose to sell. 

Optimal Weight-Bearing Capacity

Steel frames boast impressive weight-bearing capacity, meaning you get a much stronger frame for a fraction of the weight compared to timber. This characteristic is particularly beneficial for tiny homes, where consideration of the trailer's weight capacity and the towing vehicle is crucial. One of the most appealing aspects of tiny homes is the ability to relocate them. Steel frame construction is well-suited for those who wish to travel with their tiny homes or relocate them as needed. Steel is lightweight compared to timber, making the overall structure more manageable for transportation. Furthermore, the inherent strength of steel frames ensures structural integrity during transit, providing a safe and secure dwelling wherever you choose to go. We've had clients travel more than 90,000 miles in their tiny homes and they're still on the go today.

Design Precision & Flexibility

Steel frame construction offers unparalleled design flexibility and customization options for tiny homes. The strength and versatility of steel allow for open floor plans, large windows, and innovative design elements that transform a compact space into comfortable and aesthetically pleasing living quarters. Volstrukt's steel frames are machine manufactured within 1mm of accuracy and pre-assembled for you, ensuring unparalleled accuracy to drastically reduce build times and cut down on the cost of labor. This means all of the windows, doors, and fixtures you order for your build can be installed with ease rather than needing to shim, trim, or adjust as you go.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

Sustainability is a key consideration for many tiny homeowners, and steel frame construction aligns perfectly with eco-friendly principles. Steel is the most recycled material on the planet, and our steel production process allows for reduced waste (less than 1%) and resource conservation during the framing process. The durability and long lifespan of our steel frames reduce the environmental impact on every build we produce, over the lifetime of the tiny home. By choosing steel frame construction, you can enjoy a sustainable lifestyle while minimizing your ecological footprint.

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