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Types of Tiny Houses: A Comprehensive Guide

Tiny houses have captured the imagination of many seeking simplicity, affordability, and sustainability in their living spaces. While the term "tiny house" may evoke a singular image, the reality is far more diverse. In this guide, we'll delve into the fascinating world of tiny houses, exploring each distinct type so you can determine which best fits your lifestyle and needs. 

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Best in Show?!? We'll take it!

This past weekend at the DC/Virginia Tiny House Festival, Volstrukt took home the Best in Show award. We are both proud of and humbled by the award, as we saw so many awesome tiny house vendors out there this year. We want to thank the DC and Virginia tiny house movement for the warm welcome! You are a driving force in this movement!

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Volstrukt Returns to Earth Day 2017

Volstrukt, cold-rolled steel design and manufacturing specialists will be returning to Earth Day, exhibiting at Earth Day TX 2017 to be held at Fair Park, Dallas over the weekend of 21-23 April.

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