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Best in Show?!? We'll take it!

This past weekend at the DC/Virginia Tiny House Festival, Volstrukt took home the Best in Show award. We are both proud of and humbled by the award, as we saw so many awesome tiny house vendors out there this year. We want to thank the DC and Virginia tiny house movement for the warm welcome! You are a driving force in this movement! volstrukt-best-in-show-award-dc-virginia-tiny-house-festival

We couldn't do this without the hardworking folks at festivals around the country showcasing not just what the movement is about now, but where we are taking it. We hope to evolve into a housing solution for everyone wanting a smaller footprint than the current status quo of a 2600 sq ft. abode. We know our fellow festival vendors are with us on that, and we promise we are working hard behind the scenes to lift all of us up within the "rightsized" solution marketplace. We help to champion the Tiny house and "Rightsized" (smaller footprint) DIY and DIFM housing movements by focusing on:

  • material strength and longevity
  • engineering machine-precise framing tolerances to allow for high-quality CNC-manufactured sheathing, siding and interior cladding to lower labor costs
  • providing code-compliant solutions that are easy for anyone to erect

Again, thanks so much DC/Virginia Tiny House Festival! We are stoked by this honor!

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