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New Ordinance Legalizes Granny Flat Rentals in Dallas, TX

Good news for the urban density movement in Dallas, TX.

Dallas has just legalized an important urban density proposal in an effort to keep affordable housing in areas where pricey apartments have taken over previously middle-income neighborhoods. 

ADU's can now legally be built with the purpose of monetization provided the Board of Adjustment (BDA) approves the request. Which means you can build an accessory dwelling unit (like a granny flat or garage apartment) and legally charge rent. This is a game changer for the urban density movement and bolsters community-wide attempts to stem the tide of gentrification that has pushed many long-term locals outside the boundaries of their generational neighborhoods.

Frame your tiny house in a day!

So you want to build a tiny home or a small modular home. Well, now you can frame it yourself in a day or so with a few friends! It's like a modern-day barn-raising, and we are here to make it simple and fast. Here's how it works:

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A Starring Role!

Volstrukt was asked recently to participate in the an episode of the Texas Flip N Move show on DIYNetwork! We provided the quick-up steel frames for their Gary's Girls vs Guys tiny home build challenge. Our frames were up in a day save for some final detail work, and sheathing began the next day on-schedule. We were thrilled to see our steel frames saving the day in the challenge by saving the two teams both time and effort. To view the show, catch it on the DIY channel all this week, or you can watch it for a $3 cable network charge on Youtube here.

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Best in Show?!? We'll take it!

This past weekend at the DC/Virginia Tiny House Festival, Volstrukt took home the Best in Show award. We are both proud of and humbled by the award, as we saw so many awesome tiny house vendors out there this year. We want to thank the DC and Virginia tiny house movement for the warm welcome! You are a driving force in this movement!

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