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New Ordinance Legalizes Granny Flat Rentals in Dallas, TX

Good news for the urban density movement in Dallas, TX.

Dallas has just legalized an important urban density proposal in an effort to keep affordable housing in areas where pricey apartments have taken over previously middle-income neighborhoods. 

ADU's can now legally be built with the purpose of monetization provided the Board of Adjustment (BDA) approves the request. Which means you can build an accessory dwelling unit (like a granny flat or garage apartment) and legally charge rent. This is a game changer for the urban density movement and bolsters community-wide attempts to stem the tide of gentrification that has pushed many long-term locals outside the boundaries of their generational neighborhoods.

D Magazine reports:

"The ordinance provides two roads to gaining approval to rent the secondary unit. An individual owner can file a special exemption with the Board of Adjustment (BDA) to rent that unit. If your property doesn’t have a non-rentable one, you’ll then need to build one (and go through that process)...

If your neighborhood decides there is enough support, they can apply for an ADU overlay district. The process is similar for a Neighborhood Stabilization Overlay of a City Council / Plan Commission authorized hearing."

For many residents of previously affordable neighborhoods that have seen gentrification forcibly pushing them out of local schools and jobs, this is good news. It also provides a way for a homeowner to legally monetize existing structures, provided they are up to code.

One great teaching opportunity was put forth during the hearing that really lends much-needed credence to the industrial housing vs manufactured movement:

"It was explained that manufactured housing was essentially the plastic-sheeting-flapping-in-the-breeze, wide-load housing you pass on the highway. Industrial housing meets the same building specifications and zoning requirements as a regular home. The difference being that it’s just manufactured elsewhere in sections and assembled on-site, on a traditional foundation."

Remind you of something? It's exactly how our steel framing kits are built (in a matter of hours instead of weeks). Unlike traditional ADU framing, the walls and roof panels come pre-assembled for easy onsite erection.

We are excited about this new development in a city so close to our headquarters in Austin, TX. We know the urban density movement has solutions to nationwide problems. Our steel framing kits are solving the ever-growing demand for new housing systems, and we are proud to be here moving the needle on right-sized housing. Maybe we can get them to tackle the neighborhood Tiny House parking bans next! Actually, with the support of local community members ready for change, we've seen tides turning there as well. For now, legalizing urban density is a great next step.

Read the original article from D Magazine.